"Everyone is born, but not everyone is born the same." (Matilda, 1996)

A not-complete-but-pretty-extensive list of TenToo/Rose fics


To go with the Nine/Rose, Doctor/Rose AU and Other!Doctors/Rose lists, here’s TenToo and Rose and life after Journey’s End :)


One Shots - Not Adult

We Came to Learn the Sea - They’re neither of them quite who they were before, but some ways home from Norway are the same on either side of the Void. And they still have the one thing they’ve always had: here and now.

In Vino Veritas- sequel Hair of the Dog - When your social machine has broken down, it may be time for a little lubrication. And face the morning after.

Here Comes a Feeling You Thought You’d Forgotten - …and he feels younger than he has in forever.

The Fire - He’s probably right in the middle of it, knowing him. Probably one of his experiments.

Slide - Rose and TenToo start their journey together and it isn’t always perfect but they’re good together.

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I fasted all day to get blood work done and then this bitch couldn’t find a vein and referred me to a lab that already closed for the day I AM HANGRY.